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Launch a Startup
Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder
Starting a company is hard in the best of times. Starting one today might seem downright impossible. It's not. Era-defining businesses like Instagram, Slack, and Uber were all born into down economies. And even as the world turns upside-down, new opportunities are emerging for smart entrepreneurs. In this course, Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian, Everlane’s Michael Preysman, and a team of Silicon Valley experts teach you how to responsibly prepare for the possibilities and challenges of building your own company. They’ll walk you through the steps of launching a high-growth startup and provide you with winning strategies for drafting your business plan, securing funding, developing your product, and much more.
Go For Launch
Scott Kelly, NASA astronaut
“If you can dream it, you can do it.” As an engineer, naval aviator, record-setting astronaut, and commander of the International Space Station, Scott Kelly has lived his life by these words. In this candid and entertaining course, Scott shares instructive stories from his childhood in New Jersey, his days as a US Navy test pilot, and his year hurtling around the globe at 17,500 MPH and teaches hard-earned lessons on perseverance, mental fortitude, mission-readiness, and personal motivation drawn from his experiences in the most competitive, extreme environments imaginable.
The Pursuit of Happier
Kristen Meinzer, writer
The self-help industry is worth over a billion dollars, but advice from celebrities and stars doesn’t always stick. And now, more than ever, happiness feels very out of reach. So, in this course, we turn to academics, researchers, and scientists who give it to us straight — how can we be happy? Host and self-help skeptic Kristen Meinzer leads the search for what actually makes us a little stronger, a little more fulfilled, and a little happier.
Breaking Through
Chris Lyons of Andreessen Horowitz
How did a young black man from Georgia go from mowing lawns and working at the Cheesecake Factory, to helming an investment arm for one of the most powerful venture capital firms in America? In this course, Chris Lyons of Andreessen Horowitz walks you through how he has broken through into industries as diverse as technology, investing, music and wine. He’ll share the key advice that helped him make it, and he’ll be joined by his truly legendary mentors who share the special insights that can help anyone achieve extraordinary things, no matter where they're starting from.
Speak with Confidence
Celeste Headlee, TED speaker and author
Whether you're nervous speaking publicly, anxious in social settings, or just want to get ahead at work, learning the techniques of effective communication will change the way you approach every interaction. Join master communicators, speechwriters, and vocal coaches as they teach you how to speak in any setting, from presenting to clients, to giving a wedding toast, to schmoozing at dinner parties.
How to Eat Now
Mark Bittman, New York Times food writer
Designed for busy people, this course is celebrated food writer Mark Bittman’s guide to being an eater in the modern world. Bittman reveals his vision for the future of food and shares his best advice—and plenty of new insights—for cooking and eating healthfully and sustainably. You’ll also hear from chef Holly Haines about dining with company. After just four hours, you’ll be equipped to eat better, cook more often, and savor the good life in a truly sustainable way.
Power tip
If you have trouble starting conversations at networking events, put on your name tag upside down. People will approach you instead.
~ Michelle Lederman from Speak with Confidence