Find Your Personal Style

Translate your unique self into a style made just for you.


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It's time to blow past trends and stop comparing yourself to others by defining a personal wardrobe, home decoration, or creative style that reflects who you truly are! Join designer Meg Lewis as she walks you through this transformative process and teaches you to create a set of rules that put visuals to what makes you, you. Through a series of self-discovery and visual exercises, you’ll identify a personal style unlike anyone else—because you're unlike anyone else!

You'll learn how to:

Look beyond trends
Discover your superpowers
Become more self-confident
Stop comparing yourself to others
Put visuals to what makes you, you
Tap into your natural skillset
Create mood boards
Identify lifelong points of inspiration
Create a set of style guidelines

What you'll get

  • 1 hour of audio lessons

    Everything you need to know to find your personal style.

  • Lesson summaries

    Be reminded of the key things you’ve learned.

  • Challenges

    Activities to filter out the noise and identify what matters most for your style.

  • Self-discovery tools

    Get to know yourself and build a style unlike anyone else in the world.

  • Style guidelines

    Tips to apply your newfound visual style to your home, wardrobe, and work.

  • Mood boarding techniques

    Move beyond popular platforms and translate your values into visuals.

Experts in this course

  • Meg Lewis
    Meg Lewis is a designer making the world a happier place through books, talks, podcasts, workshops, and videos. Meg mixes comedy and performance to create experiences that help you shine!


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