Host on Airbnb

Learn what it takes to turn a profit on Airbnb.


Airbnb experts James Svetec and Symon He share applicable and practical tips and tricks for developing, managing, and profiting from your listing on Airbnb.

You'll learn how to:

Prepare the best property for guests
Build the perfect Airbnb listing
Set the right pricing strategy
Deliver a consistently great guest experience
Optimize your operations
Become a Superhost
Host without a property
Maximize your profits

What you'll get

  • 2+ hours of audio lessons

    Everything you need to know to maximize your earnings on Airbnb.

  • Companion e-textbook

    When listening isn’t an option, dig into this text-based PDF.

  • 28 templates and worksheets

    Start hosting sooner with this kit of turnkey templates and worksheets.

  • Curated resources

    Save time searching. We’ve already curated the most helpful Airbnb resources for you.

  • Lesson summaries

    Be reminded of the key things you’ve learned via email.

Experts in this course

  • James Svetec
    Co-owner of LearnBNB and the founder of the BNB Mastery Program.
  • Symon He
    Co-founder of LearnBNB, host, advocate, and educator. Simon formerly worked in commercial real estate acquisitions at a private equity fund, and is a licensed real estate broker and investor.

Lesson plan

  • 01
    Why learn from us?
    Meet your experts, James and Symon, and get an overview of the course
  • 02
    Before Becoming a Host
    Learn the crucial steps to take before posting your listing
  • 03
    Building the Machine - Getting Your Property Ready for Airbnb
    Learn how to prepare your property for success
  • 04
    Building the Perfect Listing
    Learn how to best showcase your listing online
  • 05
    Pricing Mastery
    Learn how price variation makes a better profit
  • 06
    Deliver Five-Star Guest Experience
    Learn what makes or breaks a guest’s experience
  • 07
    Mastering cleaning
    Learn if you should DIY or outsource your cleaning routine
  • 08
    Going on cruise control
    Learn how to improve and simplify your hosting experience
  • 09
    How to increase profits
    Learn the tricks to making more from your listing
  • 10
    Superhost Status
    Learn what it takes to be a Superhost
  • 11
    Airbnb Plus
    Learn what separates Airbnb Plus listings from the rest of the pack
  • 12
    Subdividing an Airbnb Listing
    Learn when it makes sense to split up your listings
  • 13
    No Property, No Problem!
    Learn how to host without owning a property
  • 14
    Earning a Six-Figure Income on Airbnb
    Learn how to make the most as a host
  • 15
    Paying off Your Mortgage
    Learn how hosting on Airbnb can help you pay off your house
  • 16
    Rapid-Fire Q&A: Hosting FAQs
    Learn the A’s to the 12 most frequently asked Q’s

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What people are saying

  • I learned how I could create scalable systems to build a significant business from Airbnb rentals. It was full of creative ways to solve the common pitfalls that had led me to avoid this industry altogether.
    Todd L.,


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