Learn to Learn
  • My background is in marketing so I’ve always been curious about human behavior. Outside of my career, I have many different interests, which I’ve pursued with varying degrees of determination and success. When I found Knowable’s learning to learn course I was excited to hear from the experts on techniques that could be applied to up my skill-acquisition game as an adult. The course was thorough, with experts in many different areas of learning and development, the host was charismatic and I also appreciate that the course has a written summary, and links to additional reading - I can see myself referring back to these materials as I continue the learning journey.
    Mark S.
  • As an educator, as well as a lifelong learner, I found this course immensely engaging and informing. It’s a wonder why we don't spend more time on the psychology of how we learn and know, and I especially benefitted from the sections regarding understanding our emotions around learning new skills. In my own experience as an adult learner, I’ve felt exacerbated and even given up learning a new skill because I felt embarrassed for not being immediately good at it. This knowable series was a transformative experience, and I am excited to apply these lessons in my everyday life. Finishing this series left me inspired and hopeful, asking myself: “So what should I learn next?”
    Rachel O'Connell
  • I started listening to the Learn to Learn course for a few reasons. First, I knew from a previous course that Knowable’s courses were extremely high quality — the hosts and experts are particularly charismatic, approachable, and enlightening and the body of topics are incredibly thoughtful and well-rounded. I was particularly interested in this course because I am actively learning new things in all aspects of my life (professional and personal). Some skills and/or hobbies I stick with and master, but many skills/hobbies I drop with a bit of shame that I didn’t see them through. I thought this course would give me actionable tips on how to improve my learning style, inspire me through stories of other “life learners” and give me the jolt I need to stay positive. This course exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s so dense and helpful, you’ll want to listen to it again once you finish.
    Gretchen Devero