Make Your Presentation a Conversation

How to leverage your conversational skills for more effective presentations.


By nature, conversations are highly interactive. People tell personal stories, provide vivid examples, change their voice or pitch, and use their whole body to get their point across with punch and precision. But when it’s time to present in front of a crowd, people tend to speak in the abstract, display slides full of text, ignore all time limits, and speak without emotion or tone. In this course, Barry Brophy explains why we treat presentations differently and how to rectify that. You’ll learn how to speak publicly as naturally and effectively as you would while chatting with a friend.

You'll learn how to:

Manage the two types of nerves
Design effective slides
Avoid overdoing it with bullet-points
Understand the communication chain
Harness the power of stories
Interact with the audience
Layer and zoom to piece it all together

What you'll get

  • 1+ hour of audio content

    Learn how to transform your presentations in just over an hour.

  • Companion e-textbook

    When listening isn’t an option, dig into these text-based PDFs.

  • Expert advice

    Stay in touch with Barry after you complete the course.

Experts in this course

  • Barry Brophy
    Barry Brophy has been helping people leverage their conversational skills to deliver better presentations for more than 20 years. He consults with professionals in the private sector and teaches two Master’s level communication courses at University College Dublin. In his research, Barry investigates why people communicate differently in conversation than they do while presenting. He is the author of two books, The Natural Presenter and Awful Presentations.


  • 01
    How presentations really work.
    • 02
      The TWO types of fear
      Learning the difference between “nerves” and “caution .”
      • 03
        Presentations: Insight not information
        Using conversational examples to understand how presentations should work.
        • 04
          Sight and sound
          How to use your eyes and voice when presenting.
          • 05
            Death by PowerPoint
            Designing visual aids that actually work.
            • 06
              The #1 communication tool of all
              The power of stories and how to use them.
              • 07
                Letting the room breathe
                The subtle power of interaction in a live presentation.
                • 08
                  Layering and zooming
                  Structuring the final talk.

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