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  • This is super high-quality, in-depth programming. I’ve learned a lot from listening to the “learn to learn“ course.
    Stake Y.
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  • Mind blowing! Totally awesome.
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  • The future of learning! I can’t recommend Knowable more. I’ve taken two courses now and the format is so friendly for learning on the go. The quality is top notch and the courses are full of practical advice and insight. Definitely check it out!
    Kate W.
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  • Knowable's format is so user friendly. It’s like engaging podcasts meet online learning. Really recommend this to anyone that wants to know anything about anything.
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  • Knowable‘s format is great for fitting into my day! I go on long walks and runs regularly and often prefer podcasts and lectures to music, which made Knowable’s audio format great for me. Listening to multiple lessons on-the-go gives me a good overview of the topic and then when I’m back at my desk I can dive into the workbook or the additional materials in the app/website to refresh myself.
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  • If Serial and Udemy has a love child, it’d be Knowable. Love the audio-first approach to learning. I’m a huge listener of audiobooks and podcasts, and believe the Knowable approach can take the world of academia and mix it with curated content focused for those on-the-go. The Launch a Startup lesson plan was narrated in an excellent format with experts in their respective fields, and the workbooks associated with the lesson plan are massively helpful. Excited for more lessons to come!
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  • You don’t want a podcast, you want Knowable. The information is concise, references success stories and comes with recaps and workbooks.
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  • I have been immensely enjoying the app and its lessons. Extremely well done and love listening to it while I stretch!
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  • It is worth the investment... easily.
    Vivre Inc.
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  • Curated and authoritative so you don’t waste your time. This app and content are fantastic ways to really maximize your time when you can listen to something on the go or need hands-free. I’ve listened while driving, running, walking the dog, giving baby a bottle, putting away dishes, brushing teeth, you get the idea. Specifically, the courses are helpful to get legit advice and education on bigger topics where you want some level of authority and expertise — and they deliver. In the world of so much free content we live in, I appreciate and don’t mind paying for this expertise. I’m ready for more topics I want to learn about!
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  • Life-changing. Knowable is the most empowering tool I have experienced to provide functional independence and viability in this chaotic pandemic.
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  • The best app for audio learners. I am not a visual learner and I learn best by listening. After listening to so much great content on Knowable, I feel inspired.
    New Mompreneur
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  • Well-curated content. The courses are so well put together and thought out that it flows so easy. The pace of each audio lesson and their style of delivery makes it easy to understand. Then they also hit you with sooo many resources that makes it easy to get started with whatever you are looking to do. I listened to the Launch a Startup course and found it extremely helpful.
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  • The best! Knowable is amazing. So well curated and designed. Everything you would hope for in audio courses. I love that you can just listen in the car without having to see visuals. The best for LA's long commutes. Highly recommend!
    Gabriella Del.
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  • A ton of really great information and resources. Worth the price. Love you guys.
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  • So great! Exactly what I’ve been looking for.
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  • On-the-go education. I have two kids, and I work for myself in real estate and architecture - video learning is just something I do not have any interest in, since I’m so short on time. Knowable’s audio courses are the perfect match for me. I love the almost narrative style of learning with actionable takeaways. I look forward to listening to what this company comes out with next.
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  • Even better than I expected. I’ve got a long commute and I’m always driving and listening to podcasts, so Knowable’s audio courses are really convenient for me. I loved the classes on buying a first home — the hosts were great, they broke down the complex steps into simple ones, and this honestly made me feel like a home purchase was doable in the next few years and not just a pipe dream. Very impressed with the quality of the courses all around. Looking forward to listening to my next course!
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  • I have been looking for an app like this forever! So excited to have found this. I just completed the podcast course and learned so much. Gonna do the Startup course next! Can’t wait. Thanks Knowable!
    M. Star
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  • Awesome take on learning. Good supplement in line with podcasts or audiobooks but geared toward learning. Super fast dev support, too.
    Seth Martin
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  • Beautiful. Great lectures and supporting materials.
    Ad Struijk
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  • Great audio learning option! I know many people enjoy audiobooks. In my opinion, written books are harder to listen to versus content designed for audio (podcasts, radio). This is a great option for people who want to learn something while drawing or walking, etc. The content is designed for audio, so it feels very natural to listen to. If you like non-fiction audio books, then you will probably like this app.
    Mary Garavaglia
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  • It's very informative and lot of resources are available. Looking forward to learn more!
    Ashok Prasad
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  • Really enjoyed the startup course, and I'm excited to try out the others.
    Daniel Mathews
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  • I was super impressed by the quality of content and speakers as well as the variety of courses.
    Niall W.
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  • I don't usually rate apps, but I'm a pretty big fan of Knowable. Listening to Launch a Startup right now, which is quite well structured and informative.
    Andrew Li
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  • Fantastic format for learning on the go! Compared to audio books (I've listened to 100+), this is natively designed to be listened to, not read - it makes a big difference!
    Viki Pavlic
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  • I started listening to the Learn to Learn course for a few reasons. First, I knew from a previous course that Knowable’s courses were extremely high quality — the hosts and experts are particularly charismatic, approachable, and enlightening, and the choice of topics are incredibly thoughtful and well-rounded. I was particularly interested in this course because I am actively learning new things in all aspects of my life (professional and personal). I thought this course would give me actionable tips on how to improve my learning style, inspire me through stories of other “life learners” and give me the jolt I need to stay positive. This course exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s so dense and helpful, you’ll want to listen to it again once you finish.
    Gretchen Devero
  • I used Knowable to help me get ready to put an offer on a house. My wife and I had no experience with buying a property and buying anything on that scale. The worksheets were invaluable to me because I felt like it allowed me have some good control and no what I was getting into. This was also a stressful topic for myself and my wife and going through these lessons just lowered the stress and anxiety and made our journey to home ownership so much easier.
    John S.
  • I’m a biomedical engineer working on deploying AI for virtual chemistry analysis, but when it comes to startups I feel like I have a ton to learn. Even though I’ve read some books on startups, I liked that I could listen to this course while I was out walking, and hear from founders at all stages about the various facets of building a successful company. The summaries at the end of each lesson are really useful, and I like that there are multiple voices in each lesson to keep them engaging. I’ve already shared the course with my co-founder and others.
    Patrick C.
  • Knowable is new age learning at its best. It gives you the opportunity to learn from experts who have done what you're trying to do, and get valuable advice from the source. I highly recommend these courses to anyone who wants to further their education and gain insight in a convenient and useful way.
    Steph Moyal
  • I’m a working parent with two young kids, so I don't have a lot of free time, but that doesn't mean I want to give up learning. I was attracted to Knowable's startup course because it can help me stay up to date on the latest thinking in entrepreneurship, even while I'm on the go. I'm eager to learn from other business leaders who are taking advantage of the latest technology and mindsets, and being outside of a major tech hub makes that difficult. I'm really impressed by the caliber of founders and experts in this course, and am excited to apply the learnings to my new business.
    Rubi D.
  • I love that I can listen to the Knowable courses on the train and really get immersed in the lessons.
    Surfield T.
  • As an educator, as well as a lifelong learner, I found Knowable's Learn to Learn course immensely engaging and informing. In my own experience as an adult learner, I’ve felt exacerbated and even given up learning a new skill because I felt embarrassed for not being immediately good at it. This Knowable series was a transformative experience, and I am excited to apply these lessons in my everyday life. Finishing this series left me inspired and hopeful, asking myself: “So what should I learn next?”
    Rachel O'Connell
  • Several months ago, I stumbled onto the Knowable course Speak with Confidence. Celeste Headlee is positively brilliant! This course is so engaging that one can't help but be entertained while being educated at the same time-not an easy feat. The use of real life people, their experiences, and the insights of the experts who are included is invaluable. The course is constructed so that real life situations are discussed and solutions are provided. For the first time, I have a course that leaves me with more answers than I had questions to which is quite an accomplishment. Not only would I highly recommend this course, I would urge anyone who is interested in public speaking to purchase it. Thank you Knowable for the amazing content!
    Marcy Westcott
  • I really enjoyed every part of the course, and having the course delivered through audio was spectacular. Podcasts are great, but they can be too fragmented and unstructured to give you an A to Z overview.
    Bonnie G.
  • At first, I was skeptical of the price, but I decided to try Knowable because of the moneyback guarantee... I'm really glad I did. This is really valuable and actionable!
    Atul S.
  • I host a podcast, build applications and consult businesses with their tech solutions. I love audiobooks and podcasts. However, they don’t have the same focus and structure as Knowable. The courses are easy to follow and provide valuable feedback from experts in the field. I love the “Launch a Startup” course and hearing from the CEO of GOAT was very cool! As the library grows, I see many opportunities to continue to build my skill set as well as learn about resources that can help me in my daily business. I am very happy to have found Knowable and huge advocate of their product.
    Caleb K.
  • Udacity, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning... I've tried pretty much every e-learning platform out there, and Knowable is by far the best for being able to learn on the go. The content is superb and I particularly love the interview-style learning, and the follow up email summaries. It was a pleasure being able to learn during my commute and while I was at the gym, and I'm looking forward to trying more courses from Knowable!
    Brian S.
  • I really have enjoyed listening to the class on sleep. Excellent information is packed into each session and it is presented through a variety of experts. The content is divided into small digestible sessions that are entertaining and helpful.
    Troy Tate
  • Fantastic way to maximize my time. I could be doing several other things simultaneously while listening to Mark Bittman's How to Eat Now course on Knowable. Its excellent and I love it.
    Dawn Bailey
  • Great stuff — thank you Knowable for offering these great courses!
    Alisa Cohn
  • The Knowable team did an excellent job of creating an insightful, comprehensive, and easy to understand program with teachings from incredible entrepreneurs and great resources to build on.
    Pablo Gualde
  • I had the opportunity to use some of these kernels of wisdom last week while teaching to 150 students on Zoom. Thank you for this gift and keep them coming.
    Ken G.
  • Knowable’s course gave me a solid foundation on how to start a podcast – I recommend it for anyone looking to get expert-led education on the go. In just a few days of listening the course has already paid for itself and I’ve found myself diving back in to specific lessons to help me prep for interviewing subjects for my podcast.
    Derrick F.
  • I was invited to pitch our startup at a conference. Of course, I accepted the invitation but felt the impulse to decline because I was anxious. Back then, I didn't know why I was so afraid to talk in front of a bigger group of people. Knowable gave me the answers. This course allowed me to learn so much more about myself. I learned super practical tips about presenting that I not only use in my professional life, but also with my friends, family and partner.
    Selcuk Aciner