Speak with Confidence
  • Several months ago, I stumbled onto the Knowable course Speak with Confidence. Celeste Headlee is positively brilliant! This course is so engaging that one can't help but be entertained while being educated at the same time-not an easy feat. The use of real life people, their experiences, and the insights of the experts who are included is invaluable. The course is constructed so that real life situations are discussed and solutions are provided. For the first time, I have a course that leaves me with more answers than I had questions to which is quite an accomplishment. Not only would I highly recommend this course, I would urge anyone who is interested in public speaking to purchase it. Thank you Knowable for the amazing content!
    Marcy Westcott
  • Communication is so vital to everything we do, be it work, school, play, and romance. As a full-time real estate analyst who's also in business school on the weekends, I find it hard enough to juggle those things along with a social life, and social anxiety makes it 10x harder. With its many real-world examples and fantastic guest speakers, this course was super helpful in preparing me with strategies to communicate clearly and effectively - alleviating some of the burden and allowing me to more fully enjoy what I'm doing. The lesson on networking in group settings was a standout for me. This course is great for anyone interested in beefing up their communication and public speaking skills!
    Daniel Rosenwald
  • I was invited to pitch our startup at a conference. Of course, I accepted the invitation but felt the impulse to decline because I was anxious. Back then, I didn't know why I was so afraid to talk in front of a bigger group of people. Knowable gave me the answers. This course allowed me to learn so much more about myself. I learned super practical tips about presenting that I not only use in my professional life, but also with my friends, family and partner.
    Selcuk Aciner